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Alpha Dog Links FAQ’S

Alpha Dog Links FAQ’ S

How do I install Alpha Dog Links?

Alpha Dog Links is simple to install. There is no database setup. Simply register online with our website. Add your website domain in the domain center and download a script for each of your domains you want to use Alpha Dog Links with. Upload the script to your website and place a link on your index or main page to the script you uploaded. Go to Link code and add up to 20 sets of link code for each domain.

Is Alpha Dog Links good for SEO?

Yes of course! Linking is very important to achieve good search engine rankings. Our program creates your link pages which is better for search engines as opposed to pulling the data out of a database and parsed through scripts. In addition with the ability to add up to 20 different sets of link code per website hence this will increase your rankings ten fold.

Is Alpha Dog Links Absolutely Free?

Yes it is! Alpha Dog Links is totally 100% free. We all benefit from Alpha Dog Links to increase our websites search engine rankings. So it is a win-win situation for all of us.

What if I have a problem installing Alpha Dog Links?

We will try as best as possible to handle any problems you may have. Contact us via email so we can help you.

Once I trade links with someone how can I check them?

You have a control panel for all your domains. Every site you add you will be able to manage and check your linkbacks to make sure they remain.

Can I restrict my link trades?

Yes you can restrict trades to a minimum Google PR Rank or to a category or multiple categories. You can also manually approve every link exchange.

What if someone visiting my site wants to exchange links?

No problem. There is a link on all your websites for visitors to add their links directly. Anyone can add links without being a member of Alpha Dog Links.

Where do I place my link code for my websites?

Under link code, choose your website domain and click submit. There you will see 20 boxes where you can add one or up to 20 different sets of html code for that domain you selected. Be sure to enter full html code including the tags. Every link trade with that site, Alpha Dog Links will randomly select a set of code if you have more than 1 set entered. This will allow you to promote up to 20 different pages for every domain. Make sure to click on the Submit button on the bottom of the page to save your code.

Have an idea to improve Alpha Dog Links or a new feature?

If you have an idea that would improve our software or a new feature, please go to the contact page and send us your comments. Us being webmasters ourselves, we know the SEO game pretty well so we can all benefit from everyones ideas. We currently have a list of new features to implement but we want to hear from you so we can compile a list and possibly implement your ideas as well in the next version.

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