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How to promote your entire website

Most webmasters know that it is an essential practice to exchange links with other sites to gain the popularity and increase your search engine rankings.  Besides all the requirements you need to follow such as making sure the site you exchange with does not have a nofollow tag or that they do not cram your link on a page with more than 50 links, what about the rest of your website?

Sure exchanging links will help your website inch up on the search engines but the majority of link exchanges are promoting the index or main page of your website.  If you have a quality website you must have more than just one page.  This is where Alpha Dog Links is unique to other webmaster linking software and services.  Alpha Dog Links allows you to enter up to twenty different sets of link code allowing you to promote up to twenty separate pages on one website.  Not just that, you can add an unlimited amount of websites under one account.

Each link trade will randomly select one set of the link code you entered which in turn promotes different parts of each website you have.   Also check out our blogging section too.  Another great tool to promote your website.  Keep it clean — all posts are checked by a human before it is published live.    Soon we will be implementing a feature where our members can email their blogs to be added.  Stay tuned for more great ideas.

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