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Lottery Numbers quick pick or favorite numbers?

Many people are stuck between getting numbers generated for them or choosing favorite numbers.  Sure we have heard of the old lady that played her numbers for years and one day won the jackpot.  But there are two sides to every coin.  Personally I don’t play favorite numbers.  Why do you ask?  Well what happens if on a day I was too busy or just didn’t feel lucky or whatever…. one day I just didn’t buy a ticket and that drawing my numbers came up.  How would you feel?  For me, if I don’t have favorites to play then I eliminated a disappointment.

Now I have a friend in California that played a smaller lottery like the four number deals.  He played the same numbers every drawing.  Well one day I opened the newspaper and there were all 4 of his numbers.  So I had to driver over  to congratulate him.  When I did, he asked what are you talking about?  I then said, well your numbers came up last night.  His jaw dropped and man he was upset.  He didn’t get a ticket that day.    There you have it.  Now I am curious to hear from others about their opinion on this matter.   Let Jackpot Picker help you pick some numbers for your next drawing.  Good LUCK everyone!

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