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M&C Specialties | Authorized 3M Preferred Converter

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<meta name=”description” content=”M&C Specialties” is an Authorized 3M Preferred Converter. We combine innovation and converter expertise to create precisely what the customers want. 3M Select Converter”>
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<meta name=”twitter:title” content=”M&C Specialties is a top level Authorized 3M Preferred Converter with more than 60 years experience in the industry.”>
<meta name=”twitter:description” content=”Customized adhesives and converting (Authorized 3M Preferred Converter) by M&C Specialties with 60 years experience in the industry. M&C is a 3M Preferred Partner and an expert converter, adhesive tape converter and clean room manufacturer.”>
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<h1><a href=”” title=”Authorized 3M&copy; Preferred Converter”>3M preferred converter</a></h1>

M&C Specialties is an Authorized <a href=”” title=”Authorized 3M&copy; preferred converter”>3M Preferred Converter</a> specializing in the design and manufacturing of automotive and medical components. Whether it is <a href=”” title=”Authorized 3M&copy; preferred converter”>pressure sensitive adhesives</a> (PSA’s), tapes or foils — M&C Specialties has the right solution for you. Our full service facilitiy is complete with clean room and we formulate our own custom adhesives in-house so the turn around time is quick. Our friendly and experienced staff range from engineers to scientists that are ready to take your project to the next level.

For more information on how M&C Specialties a <a href=”” title=”Authorized 3M preferred converter” target=”_blank”>3M&copy; preferred converter</a> can help with your project, visit our website today.
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