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Medical Grade Adhesives

Medical Grade Adhesives

Medical Adhesives

Medical Tape

Tap into the expertise of our chemists and adhesive engineers for custom and standard tapes. We will assist you with defining adhesive characteristics for your product needs, trial testing, smaller runs and scale-up manufacturing.
Medical Tape

While we primarily produce skin contact adhesives for medical, advanced wound care, medical devices, and consumer healthcare applications, we also extend our adhesive coating services to meet higher-end, specialty industrial needs.

  • Surgical incise drapes
  • Post operative dressings
  • Island dressings
  • Transparent film dressings
  • Ostomy
  • Diagnostic device components
  • OTC consumer goods

At DermaMed, we are committed to meeting your pressure-sensitive adhesive needs with the industry’s highest levels of timely and responsive support.
Medical Tape
For More Information about Medical Adhesives, please visit our website.

Medical Tape & Adhesives

Medical Tape

Our systems meet or exceed compliance with the FDA’s Quality System Regulations.

Skin-friendly adhesive solutions for wovens, non-wovens, foils, Medical Adhesives, medical tape, films…

Dermamed coats and slits a variety of materials including films, foams, foils, wovens and nonwovens. We can produce single and double-coated tapes, self-wound tapes, as well as transfer adhesives.

Knife-over-roll and gravure 60”adhesive coatings, slitting, laminating…
Medical Tape
Medical Tape
Medical Tape
Medical Tape
DermaMed LLC is a leading global provider of Medical Adhesives including medical tape.

For more information on Medical Adhesives please visit our website.

Medical adhesives Medical Adhesives medical adhesives

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