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Need more organic traffic to your website?

Your website needs traffic in order to be successful.  Organic is the natural way without using any tricks.   You really don’t want to use any tricks as it can get your site banned from the search results.  Here is a little guide for starters.

1.  You need to make sure your website is W3C compliant which basically means there are no errors when the code is translated by the search engines.

2.  You want to optimize your website one page for one keyword phrase.

3.  You need to establish good link partners.  My personal choice is reciprocal linking.

4.  Create some blog articles on your websites subject with a link back to your website.  Just as we have done here.

5.  If your website is new and it does not appear on the major search engines, you may want to submit them for inclusion.  If your site is already on the search engines, do not submit them again as it can hurt you more than do good.

6.  Make sure you have a robots.txt file and that it is setup properly.

7.  Setup an .htaccess file and include a rewrite so that your domain name gets counted only one way instead of for example: and

The above is just a basic guide.  Of course there are more things you can do and of course each item above can go into much more detail.  If you would an expert to help with your SEO check out Thailand

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