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Reciprocal Link Management

Reciprocal link management is no doubt a tedious task.  It doesn’t take too much smarts but it sure does take a lot of time, especially if you have multiple websites.  What you really need is software that you can add to all your websites and manage from one control panel or central area.   This is where Alpha Dog Links can help you.

Here are some features of Alpha Dog Links and best of all it is 100% FREE!

  • Unlimited Domains – Manage multiple unlimited domains under one control panel ( one login ). No need to login for every site you manage. One account with AlphaDogLinks can handle from one to unlimited domains.
  • Google PR – If desired, set a minimum PR for link exchanges.
  • Reciprocal Linking – Set exchange only reciprocal linking. This means your link code must be placed on the same domain as the link code they are adding to your site. Or you can choose not to restrict this. This will enable third-party linking. Currently the default is set to reciprocal only until the next update comes out.
  • Network Community of Link Partners – Domain Listed in our Directory and available for partners with other members.
  • Automatic Approval – This feature allows you to manually accept link trade requests or set to automatic.
  • Receive Link Requests or Automatic Approval
  • Send Link Requests or Automatic exchange if both set to Automatic Approval
  • Approve link trade requests.
  • Unlimited Link Requests
  • Update your account at any time.
  • Categories – Choose whether you want to restrict link trades to a certain category, multiple categories or all.
  • Limit link trades to minimum Google PR.
  • Link Code Promotion – This is yet one of the best features you will not find elsewhere. When you exchange links you are either promoting your index page (main page) or an inner page on your site. But what if you could promote more than just one page without having to login and change your website’s link code every time? Well Alpha Dog Links lets you add up to 20 sets of link code for every site’s domain you add. This means you can have up to 20 different sets of link code and up to 20 different pages promoted by linking on every domain of yours that you add to Alpha Dog Links. If you have more than one set of link code on a domain, the code will rotate automatically for every new link partner.
  • Works on any hosting server with PHP scripting enabled.
  • Easy installation – no databases to install and configure. Just add one script to each of your websites and add a link from your main page to the script. Simple to use.
  • Check your link partners to make sure your link remains on their site for all your domains with one click

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