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DermaMed: Source for Lint-free Pads

Ideal for island placement wound dressings is DM3000 from DermaMed Coatings Company. This is a lint-free pad material that is highly absorbent. It does not stick to wounds and can be used with DermaMed’s adhesive coated, non-woven polyester fabrics, DM2001 … Continue reading

Tricot Knit Material from DermaMed

DM2041 from DermaMed Coatings Company is single-coated adhesive tricot knit fabric. It is a tan mesh material that is popular for tens electrodes because of its durability and flexibility. Go to or call 1.865.982.6414. DermaMed Coatings Company produces skin … Continue reading

DermaMed Answers Converters’ Needs for Pulse Oximetry Components

DermaMed Coating Company continues to be a leading provider of its DM2065 single coated fabric to manufacturers of oxygen pulse oximetry components. Favored because of the material’s flexibility and comfort, DM2065 is coated with skin friendly adhesives for both adult … Continue reading

DermaMed’s Solutions for Wound Care Dressings

Wound care dressings require flexibility, skin sensitive adhesives, and breathability. Medical device contract manufacturer, DermaMed Coatings Company features their DM2001 and DM2002 adhesive-coated, non-woven polyester fabrics that meet these important criteria. These skin-friendly materials are ideal for wound care needs, … Continue reading